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  1. TintNerdz213

    Cleaning windows

    Nice, do you use the 409 right off the bottle and do you see a difference in the black glass? My main concern is the back glass lol
  2. TintNerdz213

    Cleaning windows

    What's up everyone, hope you're all having a great day. I was tinting today and was thinking about using a separate solution for cleaning windows, I have always used a blade, white scrub or 0000 steel wool with my application solution. Do you guys use a separate solution to clean windows?
  3. TintNerdz213

    Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    I like to do the reverse roll on BG that don't have the third brake light. If they do then Frankenstein it is. Windshields are done with reverse roll.
  4. I have been tinting automotive for 5 years now and have done commercial twice, first time I helped someone and second time I tinted 4 105 in. X 95in. Windows they are big. I decided to tint them myself since I didn't have no one to help me and this is a returning customer that needed them done today. I order the material from SolarFree since they're closest to me. I saw on YouTube "how to" videos and on many seemed to be able to peel the liner off with ease. So this material from SolarFree had the toughest liner ever, I had to pull on it hard to get to peel, It made my life hard and I'm very familiar with the reverse roll method. Is this normal for commercial film or is this indication of low quality material and should stay away from them? Thanks in advance.
  5. I have a costumer that wants to tint his store's frint display windows. He's worried about the sun damaging his leather products in the display but needs to have people to be able to still inside. Any film recommendations? Will 35% be too dark? They're not dual pane windows.
  6. TintNerdz213

    How many times have you "quit"

    Last time I thought about quiting was in the first year of tinting, as much as I wanted to I couldn't. My girlfriend was pregnant and I had recently been fired by my uncle at his restaurant for being really late. The guy that took me under his wing to teach me had a business but decided to bail due to personal reasons and asked if I wanted to keep the business or he was going to ask for his deposit on the store. With a pregnant girlfriend and nowhere to go I said "fuck it". He taught me for about half a year, I was only pasting side windows and barely started to cut on cars and I had only done a back glass twice (G35 and Jetta). I would take like 4 hours on a car and I would fuck up many times but I always looked at ways to get better, I would always try new ways to improve my quality work (main reason how I found this forum, thank you everyone) I set a goal to what I wanted to be as a window tinter and I haven't looked back. 5 years later I can say IF I want I can do a regular car or crossover in about 45 minutes, the regular for me is 1 hour and 30 minutes. I can do about any car now and not worry about how I'm going to do it or any doubts, except really old purple removals. Just hang in there and always try to do a excellent job because your work speaks a lot about you. I'm happy to say that I still have many returning costumers from my first year of window tint.
  7. TintNerdz213

    Eliminating unnecessary steps

    Only my red dot knife.
  8. TintNerdz213

    Hard card

    Yes always
  9. TintNerdz213

    Hard card

    Not for the white Not for the white card
  10. Bubbles aren caused from "tiny fingers". It's all in the material you have installed.
  11. TintNerdz213

    Eliminating unnecessary steps

    That's funny, those are the steps I would NEVER give up. If I was you I would work on the cuts. I like to do double cuts, saves me a lot of time. Not using a light to cut rear windows saves me a lot of time too.
  12. TintNerdz213

    Hard card

    Black and white, I like to cut the white card into a triangle
  13. Do you guys carry the Fusion Hand Job?
  14. TintNerdz213

    Tips for commercial tint noob

    Hello everyone, so I've been doing window tint for cars for about 5 years now and have always turned down tinting commercial windows because thankfully I'm always busy. Yesterday a friend of mine asked me to tint his barber shop door and for the first time I said "f**k it". Is there any tips y'all would recommend for this noob? Any do's and don'ts will be highly appreciated. I must say I'm very excited to try something new. I have attached a picture of a similar door I'll be working on. Thanks in advance!
  15. TintNerdz213

    Dirt and marks in film

    OK, If you don't think they meet your standards then ask for a refund and have them remove it. Everyone has different standards on quality they produce which is why some shops will charge you more than $200, they value their craft more and have the right shops and techniques to get the job done.