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  1. Sounds like it was a moisture bubble that dried out. Some moisture bubbles won’t totally disappear.. depending on how big it was, it could turn into an air bubble once dried...
  2. I’ve installed plenty of film over ceramic coated vehicles with lasting results & no lifting. But, then again many variables here.
  3. Looks to me like a non cap sheeted film that may have been installed. Non cap is fine but when it’s stored uninstalled it can haze and do funky stuff. Sometimes you can heat it up and repair it but most times not. This happened to me with suntek a few times.
  4. Polishworks

    PPF Thickness vs. Performance

    Great video. I’ve been wanting to do a more crude test myself with a leaf blower and rocks too. VERY surprised to see xpel the thinnest. Very pleased to see STEK as the most durable film between xpel, suntek & stek. I haven’t used scotch guard only because I thought it didn’t look good but I will try it based on this video. Thanks for the hard work!! Glad I stumbled upon it.
  5. Polishworks

    Need help with Shelby GT350 R PPF

    I just did a black one with matte stripes. The stripes were very thick, almost made of a thin layer of ABS plastic it looked extremely durable and more chip resistant than ppf. I trimmed beside them. I’ve wrapped over gloss stripes before and yes there was a air line. Try practicing with a 40% ipa mixture of 70% ipa & water. It will allow you to get the line closer in my opinion.
  6. Polishworks

    F450 Hood

    I got it down pretty good first try actually..to my surprise the valleys in the center laid down nice and easy ... I did trim each letter individually tho. It was easier than I thought! Still a bitch though.
  7. Polishworks

    F450 Hood

    Bulking this 2018 F450 Hood (full wrap) tomorrow and was thinking I would ask how some of you would approach it — I was going to pop the hood and tack down on fenders .. just nervous about those center valleys laying down.. should I utilize steam to get them down? Thanks !!
  8. Polishworks

    First time doing Paint Protection Film.

    Nice - I have done the Xpel training as mentioned above - and they didn’t teach us anything regarding bulk installing - and, there are instances where you NEED it for a clean, and less stressful install. I left the training program feeling overwhelmed and afraid to install anything because I knew I would never ever be confident enough to install it perfectly because they were so hard on us.. so it was good that they gave us that Mindset, but ultimately it resulted in me looking for other options in film, finding different install methods and solutions and moving forward .. the amount of film used in the training program was nice yes but it was all while using the GEL which was an absolute nightmare. I will never use the gel ever again after to switching to baby shampoo. Good luck and stick with it - don’t lose momentum!
  9. Polishworks

    First time doing Paint Protection Film.

    Did you use a “tack” solution at all? An alcohol solution?
  10. Polishworks

    First time doing Paint Protection Film.

    Suntek ultra out of most of the films is one of the easier to install - were you using baby shampoo as your slip? To wrap an edge - you must let the film dry - and then Wrap —