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  1. Empire Tint

    Looking for pointers on distribution.

    I was wrong 35 percent rears 50 percent front and a non-reflective sun strip on the windshield.
  2. Empire Tint

    Looking for pointers on distribution.

    Any experience with tintpro business software? Any success with it?
  3. Empire Tint

    Looking for pointers on distribution.

    Thanks guys. I assumed illegal tint would probly not be good for business. See I work for AAA Towing and recovery. so I deal with multiple accidents everyday and i never hear a discussion over tint being the cause. If people are idiots enough to blame the tint they are probly the same ones suing McDonald's for spilling the damn coffee on themselves. Lol.
  4. I am looking for a few pointers that could set me in the right direction with my not yet opened tint shop. First of all I am set to open my shop in less then a month and a half. I have purchased tintpro software for the business side of things. Havent played with it yet but it will probly take two weeks to enter in data. I have also acquired my LLC. I have enough tinting experience to get back in the game and make this business successful. My customer service is steller. I have also managed many businesses in my career. So i am confident in the consistency i will offer to this industry. although the tinting industry is fairly new for the business side of things. I am looking for a distribution that does not have limitation on the amount ordered. As I am on a beginners budget. I am also looking for the same distributor to offer some type of marketing material or samples, catalogs, examples, etc. Also I understand the tint laws. but am I liable if I put illegal tint on a vehicle? I plan to add installation of remote starters and security alarms after about 4 to 6 months of just doing the tinting side of things. Just curious if there is good training for that field or if I would be better of having my mechanic teach me? Sorry for the story.