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  1. Hello I am looking a good condition used plotter. maybe someone wanting to upgrade theirs to a nicer one I only tint on the side and weekends so I don't want a 6k dollar Graphtec. I mean I do but when your only doing one car a weekend it would be to long before I can pay it off. Im in NC and I don't mind paying shipping and what not. Looking to spend about 2k max pm me if you have anything.
  2. gibbswrecker

    ISO plotter

    Hello I am new to tinting and want to take a plunge into a plotter so I can quit taking so long to hand cut film and waste so much film. I am wanting to buy one that some one want to upgrade and just ready to dump theres. A little back ground my dad and I own a body shop in Columbia NC and its very small town and there is no one around to do window tint for 30 to 50 miles. So I picked it up as a way to fix the issue I was having of sending customers cars out without tint on a window that I replaced and making the customer deal with it. But I am no professional and I think a plotter will hone my skills I can do trucks and suvs perfect if I take the panel off cars are always giving me fits and I think its because I cut my patterns to big so again a plotter should help with that and time. Thanks in advance.
  3. gibbswrecker


    my way of thinking is if i can use a 40 for everything instead of a having multiple rolls of each shade like my 35 i buy the 40 so i can cut doubles out than to have a 24" for side windows and a 36 for back glass
  4. gibbswrecker


    At a best guess i rather be to tall than short but i don't like waste i want to get a roll for just windshields in a ceramic at a best guess will a 40" roll work on all windshield
  5. gibbswrecker

    2013 Ram roll-ups

    across the bottom and sides even with it not being to long i made sure to hand cut just big enough it was like moisture bubbles even when i take a towel on my plaitunim ez reach and run across it
  6. gibbswrecker

    2013 Ram roll-ups

    ok guys i did a friends ram 5500 today and man i fought bubbles all day took me 3.5 hrs to tint this truck because of bubbles i didn't have creasing issues just bubbles that i couldn't get out i even tried the double snap or two stage method and still got bubbles i had to redo each window twice yay me
  7. gibbswrecker


    never let the customer watch. always double check your work for water pockets or bubbles before it leaves. always ask the redneck to wash the mud off before bringing it in. I get that alot...hey man can you tint my windows this weekend sure and they drop it off looking like it just came from the mudbog and then bitch when theres a few pieces of contamination in it im like look at all that mud in the gaskets after i done washed them twice.
  8. gibbswrecker

    Cars a Newby Should Stay Away From

    the new charger was listed and of course the first car i ever tinted since i started in december was a 2017 charger unmarked cop car with light bars in the back glass and i creased the 2 back roll ups in the corners but it wasn't that bad the cage was in my way bad. but the back glass was a bit that big section of dot matrix i tried cutting it just under the dot matrix and that looked bad i had a hard time shrinking that was the first back glass i had done because the other vehicles i had tinted was trucks and suvs and front 2 on a jetta for practice. cutting my bottoms to short have been my hurdles using the factory edge and setting my tint at the belt moulding and then go to install and have a light gap.