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  1. Model 3 BG

    I have a customer who is stating his rear speakers are not working after having the back glass tinted. Has anyone come across this issue before? if so what was the solution other than replacing the speakers. thanks in advanced.
  2. Tesla Model 3

    Awesome Guys, thanks for the feed back!
  3. Tesla Model 3

    How long are you guys taking to tint a model 3 and are you doing back window in 1 piece?
  4. window film inventory

    How are you guys keeping track of waist material, inventory ext. Are you pie taping your film or going by weight for inventory ????? All responses are appreciated.
  5. Waste Log

    Hello all, i am curious what others are doing to track waste in a flat glass window film division. Are you using a daily log for your installers or basing it off an inventory system?