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  1. Tconnor

    Seeking Opinions/Advice

    Great advice. I'm 100% confident, very good with face to face situations with customers (good or bad situations), and actually relationship building is a very strong point with how i operate. As far as techniques, styles, approaches....I'm very interested & open to learning multiple techniques. My goal is to be "the guy" in my area that produces quality work, creates a great customer experience, and I strongly want to become skilled at the trade without relying on a plotter. I also want to use a plotter, but I really am interested in the art of install, prep, and just mastering that craft. I want to know what chemicals, manufacturing process(s), shipping methods are used to produce different films. The whole process of applying film is intriguing to me, as well as qualifying a customer based off their needs/wants....Like, is this customer just wanting to enhance the look of their car, or do they want to protect their interior, or are they concerned about protection from the sun...OR all of the above. Just want to provide quality work, strive to constantly become better, make a little money, and provide my son with an experience together. Thank you!
  2. Tconnor

    Seeking Opinions/Advice

    Thank you. I agree with the 6 months timeframe. My knowledge on "how to do it" is vast, but actually getting to the point where a customer comes in with a VW GTI or a Porsche GT3, and confidently being able to handle the job without hesitation is where I want to be. I'm in the process now of gathering as much information as possible, reading, watching videos, techniques etc....I will never just jump into anything for the sake of doing it, as I want to be confident, and be able to back it up with quality work. Thanks for the help!
  3. Tconnor

    Seeking Opinions/Advice

    Awesome feedback. Thank you all for the encouragement, it all helps the process!!
  4. Tconnor

    Seeking Opinions/Advice

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forums, and have found a wealth of information, and have enjoyed reading the forums over the past month. Question: I'm highly interested in opening a shop in the future. I don't want to be the big shop, but my son will be 15 soon, and in my mind I want to create that experience of owning a small business, working hard, learning a skill/trade together. I'd like to start with automotive, and progress into flat glass down the road. My first step would be to seek training, practice on as many cars as I can for 6 months until I feel like I can confidently handle "the public". I do have two friends in the industry whom I can utilize for support/help. My goal is to treat the trade with respect, and learn the skills necessary. I have a desire to become "the guy" in town that does Quality work, clean shop, professional environment etc.. I want to be able to perform jobs by hand, but I do also plan on using a plotter for efficiency (but I'm adimant on being able to not rely on a plotter, I respect the trade aspect of tinting). This is a dream of mine, I know its a hard business to get going with, and takes alot of practice to become "good". I'm willing to put in the time, and work. Do you all have any constructive advice for me? I'm really curious what you all think & reccomend. I'm really serious about this. Its not so much about money, but more about my son & I starting something from nothing, and being able to share that experience. About Me: I'm 42, I work for MIchelin/Sales. My first job at the age of 15 was working in a Tint Shop, a quality professional shop. I prepped windows after school, and on the weekends. Swept floors, and took all the abuse a 15 year old would around a group of seasoned tinters. The clicking noise of an Olfa Silver still brings nostalgia to me. My current career is fun, its dealing with Tire shops on the independent & national levels, I work close with FORD/GM & Chrysler-FCA dealerships working with Parts/Service & Bus. Ops. MGrs. Pay is decent, but involves driving 3000 miles per month. I've done this for almost 9 years now. I owned my own business (non automotive) for 9 years prior to my current role. Once my kids were born, insurance, and stability became priority. I'm approaching a point where I am willing to take a risk. Yes I know some of you will make fun, point me in the other direction, or tell me I'm stupid....tell me to use the search feature. Just looking for your experiences. Thanks in advance, I appreicate all the knowledge/humor and community I've found on here!