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  1. Thanks! That is really good advice and I couldn't agree more a small town, you will only get one chance. That's actually my biggest fear.
  2. Alright guys and ladies here's my story so I live in a small town in New Mexico. I've been window tinting for about 3 years in my garage now as a part time gig. I've came to this site for tons of info, I've only posted one other time. I would only watch and learn from afar. Now I in my town there is no window tinting shop just a couple of guys that do it as side jobs. Now I have the opportunity to rent a building for cheap on the main drag or town and I'm scared, stuck whether I should do it or not. I haven't worked for a tiny shop before so all my knowledge has come from this site and I got the training DVDs from Stan. So in would appreciate a little feedback or what I should do or expect. Thanks in advance.
  3. Using cleaning and a slip solution???

    Cool, Thanks for the reply. You guys use sprayway to prep then a slip to mount. I use a glass cleaning solution that's used by window cleaners and use Flex Film mounting solution. Just curious I wanted to get some feed back. I tried tint slime I had from a few years back and I didn't like it.
  4. I'm not sure if there is a topic but to many post to scroll through. Ive been tinting for a couple of years now, I use a cleaning solution and a slip solution. I was just curious do you use a cleaning and a slip or just one for both ?