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  1. Viktor

    Why do I get little dot bubbles?

    I also had the same problem little dot bubbles, i started to use distilled water and now its better.
  2. pbotz2000 do you have any good news last weekend i had one car, 4 perfect side windows, but the back window is like your white bubbles
  3. Hi, Thanks Tint Slayer, Also can you recommend me best squeegee for clean the back window, now i have blue max
  4. Hi ;) i am looking for the best tool for cleaning the back window
  5. This picture is only for example ;)
  6. here are tight side gaskets
  7. Hi again Today i had alfa romeo but with very very difficult seals on sides windows How i can to tint this car The rear window is ready but the sides not
  8. Side window suzuki swift, film global 5%
  9. Yes with baby shampoo and distilled water The car was dirty inside maybe its better to clean before tint
  10. I am happy, i tried with distilled water it is the best way without dirt, thank you
  11. Yes nice,today i will try on my car ;)