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  1. Debo5454

    Taillight/headlight tint

    Are those products priced reasonable and are there easy to work with ?
  2. Debo5454

    Taillight/headlight tint

    Yeah just order a small sample roll of vivid ,heard its priced good and easy to work with , this is all new to me taillights and headlights im hoping to start marketing it after I try it in out on a few of my cars and see the turn out
  3. Debo5454

    Taillight/headlight tint

    Do anybody tint headlights and taillights ? If so What's a good headlight and taillight tint to use ,
  4. Debo5454

    Back glass fix

    Total Deez nuts in your mouth... wearthfoxhat
  5. Debo5454

    Back glass fix

    Ok so it's like 40-50 degrees here what's the easiest way to remove tint ,trash bag method will it work ?
  6. Debo5454

    Back glass fix

    Tinted this car yesterday . Got a call from customer today saying tint was coming up in the corner. Will this be able to be fix with out having to redo whole back glass. She's coming back Saturday morning
  7. Debo5454

    Fiat 500X 2017

    Ok thanks I seen a few post about beware of plastic rear glass on the fists thanks though...
  8. Debo5454

    Fiat 500X 2017

    Yes or no dude
  9. Debo5454

    Fiat 500X 2017

    Yes or no dude
  10. Debo5454

    2017 fiat x

    Got one coming in later anything to be aware of?
  11. Debo5454

    Fiat 500X 2017

    Are the back side windows on these plastic like other models . And anything to look out for got one coming it later
  12. Debo5454

    2006 Cadillac CTS Huper Optik Ceramic 40

    Was this a easy tint back glass head its tight
  13. Debo5454

    Air bubbles

    Did a dodge ram front two roll ups Next day customer call say theres bubbles so he him come in and re did it . Today got the same call bout air bubbles . What could b causing this and yes me sure the 2nd time I gave the window several good passes with the blue max
  14. Debo5454

    2015 Ford Fusion

    Thanks for the pull the 4 plugs out tip helped a lot
  15. Debo5454

    2018 Kia Optima

    Got 1 in morning coming anything to watch out for ? Should I pull gaskets ?