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  1. I know everyone has different tools so tell me what works best for you. I'm learning the back glass with a side swiper and it just doesn't feel comfy in my hand. What do y'all use? Note: I'm a female with little hands so the SS handle feels bulky
  2. Storm

    2018 Camry back glass

    New to the forum and fairly new to tint. I've been installing doors for a while so that's a breeze but I'm just learning how to shrink and install a BG. 18 Camry wants to kill me. My issues: creasing the corners of BG while shrinking it, can barely reach the bottom edge when installing (short girl probs). I use a side swiper but my arms aren't long enough. Tool suggestions? It's for a dealership so I'm getting them every day. Dry shrinking takes too much time for me. Any suggestions? Brake light doesn't bother me a bit either because it's cut out from the pattern (dealership request). I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong...why I keep creasing it. Also, for those that say the rear doors are a challenge, I found them to be quite easy. Check the width on the film. Tucking shouldn't be difficult either...check the length. Doors I understand. This BG is gonna be the death of me though....