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  1. Uscfan

    Anyone using Tintwiz?

    How do you use it?How do you use it?
  2. I have LinkedIn how How does it work? I have it just don’t know how to use it
  3. Uscfan

    X-zacto knifes

    That’s all you have ever used for what? And why?
  4. Yes I’ve actually installed film for 19 years. I’m trying to get into blinds stuff like that to add to my window film I’ve taken down lots of blinds I’m sure I can learn to put them up and sell them as well kind of create cross leads to each other .
  5. Anyone know of any good schools or where I would like to get into this industry I’ve been in the residential commercial industry for 19 years just trying to add new things to my business . I’m located in so cal.
  6. Uscfan

    Home Advisor & Thumbtack

    On which post?
  7. Uscfan

    Home Advisor & Thumbtack

    How is home advisor?
  8. Uscfan

    X-zacto knifes

    I noticed they sell them in some of the film catalogs for two catalogs but what is the reasoning behind it what purpose do they serve?
  9. Uscfan

    Small Miscut, Should I Ask for Fix?

    The tinter prob thought that should be fine I doubt they will notice If they do I will just redo it
  10. Uscfan

    Small Miscut, Should I Ask for Fix?

    The tinted probably thought , They will never see this because they probably never roll it down
  11. I know this should be in the mix and mile section but I have a serious question has anybody had to deal with that foam piece on the bottom of the windshield? Being that the film bumped into it and cause contamination any ideas on how to get around it?
  12. Uscfan

    Mobile business ideas

    Nice can’t wait to see it, I hate mobile but for now it’s what it is.
  13. Uscfan

    Tint slime 4x orange ultra success !!!

    Where can I obtain a sample of it?