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  1. Tintpro1911

    Xpel Dealer Conference

    I'm looking for another person to share a room with, my other guy backed out last minute. Sale ends tonight, let me know. Thanks. Sorry for short notice. It would be $775 before taxes.
  2. Tintpro1911

    PPF windshield

    Check out Alchemy Exoshield. Better than Bray or others.
  3. During the 3 1/2 years running the Xpel Austin installation, I have acquired the experience to modify any pattern. lol. Problem is, you don't know where you need to modify until its being installed, which then it's too late. All my saved patterns got erased by someone... Oh well.
  4. DAP from Xpel is the best I believe. I've used others before. DAP is very user friendly and easy to manipulate patterns for your fit (wrapping edges etc.) I do think they cover too much in unnecessary areas which can make installing more of a pain. It is expensive, but they have the most kits and the latest vehicles. Rear bumper kits might be a stretch on common cars though. Top priority kits get designed first which are front end impact and full exotic/race/expensive vehicles.
  5. Tintpro1911


    I use 36". Rarely are they over that, unless you heat while pulling the top, then 40' would be more suitable.
  6. Tintpro1911

    F-430 Scud PPF

    I did this one couple years ago in Austin at Xpel.
  7. Man I'm sorry, that is pretty bad. I would definitely check the paint under those cuts, if they cut like that, then most likely they went too deep. Hope it is resolved.
  8. Tintpro1911

    How to element getting dirt nibs!

    Do you have an air compressor? I take the blow nozzle and work from top of section down, blowing every crevasse out thoroughly and wiping as I go. I use the light green window micro fibers because they leave nothing behind, then I spray the panel lightly to avoid water bringing down any debris and add solution as needed.
  9. The DAP is very good, but I think some kits coverage is excessive in spots and makes it harder to install in certain valleys etc where it isn't needed. Aside from that, I would wrap one layer of the light green window microfiber around my squeegee and go over edges to absorb any excess solution. Then move towel to dry section and repeat on all edges. This will help get it out without letting it run back.
  10. Tintpro1911

    new to site

    Hey everyone, my name is Chris. I've been tinting for about 20 years, ppf for about 6. I had a shop is MO for about 8 years, then later moved to Austin to be shop manager at Xpel Austin for 3.5 years. I recently moved to a smaller town and have started my own shop last July. I've done cars all types of cars in PPF from Mazdas to Bentleys to Trey Cobb's P1. I don't get on forums hardly ever, but thought I'd start trying to see what was happening around the world in this market. lol.