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  1. hvaltierra

    New Tint Shop Need advice

    I have recently opened a new tint shop. I am a 3m Authorized dealer. My question to you guys is, As a new shop do you recommend advertising super low pricing to get people in the door or start at full pricing. My partner thinks we should start with blow out specials to get people in the door and get referrals going. My though on that is if we start out low and get referrals, its going to start a trend of having to give low prices. I think we should start at full pricing and let our work speak for itself. We might struggle at first but will eventually get the right clients and repeat and referral business.
  2. hvaltierra

    To be 3M certified or not

    Is there a big benefit to being 3m certified. Or can you still have a successful tint business without it. Going to be diving into starting my own tint business. Going to be starting from scratch. No experience in window tinting other than watching tons of videos. Will be attending a school to learn as I do not have the time to train under a shop. Any help is appreciated.