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  1. stormy69

    FNG in Idaho

    Thanks guys! already getting some good info, wish i would have found this a few years back, it never occurred to me there would be a forum on window tint!
  2. I am in Idaho. It certainly doesnt have the heat of Arizona (Luke AFB/Phoenix was first duty station) but the sun is out and temps are in the 90's for weeks and over 100 at times. There is a 3m installer in Boise, though i need to verify the specifics. Thanks for the info and keep it coming! I am looking to have my car done in the next week or so.
  3. So i need to get my wifes car tinted. Economics prevent me from saying "whats best" and instead ask whats the best value. We normally keep cars for a loooonnnngggg time so durability is number one with heat/uv/ir being secondary. The car is a metallic gray and i would prefer something in a true black. I tried researching this butt here are so many tints available that making the right call, even with some information, is not easy. I have been given quotes for johnson, 3m and suntek but really hope to get pointed in the right direction film wise and choose an installer from there. tia James USAF!
  4. stormy69

    FNG in Idaho

    I figured i should say hi and give some reason for being here. I like to tint my own cars when its within my skill set but recognize compound curves are not for amateurs. I have a lot of cars so paying to have them done can rack up but my primary reason is that the site seems to provide a lot of info and i am trying to make a decision on tint brand for my wifes car before having it installed. Looking forward to learning! James USAF! (retired)
  5. stormy69

    1990 lotus esprit

    old as dirt but no correct answer. The window doesn't need to come out of an s4 esprit. Darkness was close but its 2 separate glass pieces. One like a vette/ fiero directly behind the driver and another attached to the hatch that is very accessible with the hatch opened. I am no tint expert but am a master mechanic and very amateur tinter (my personal cars and kids cars), and i have a 95 esprit s4.