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  1. Easy Cut Studio is the most efficient and flexible sign making software. It offers a combination of professional features and ease of use that is unmatched by any other cutting software, it is the most affordable complete sign making package available.
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    What kind of plotter software are you using? i am using easy cut studio .
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    US Cutter Titan/Titan2

    I am using a US Cutter Titan2 cutter and easy cut studio software from easycutstudio.com , it works great! I basically installed the easy cut studio software that came with the cutter. Once installed and registered, the software advised me that there was an update available, and I performed the update to version . In the Help menu on easy cut studio there was an option to install drivers for US Cutter Titan2 cutter, which I did. I then rebooted my Windows. After the reboot, I plugged the USB cable directly from the Windows to the Titan2's USB port, fired up easy cut studio - dragged an image onto the layout screen, and hit the cut button - Sure enough the cutter came alive and plotted out the pattern perfectly happily.
  4. What kind of vinyl cutting software are you using? I am using easy cut studio from easycutstudio . easy cut studio comes With A Driver For GCC signpal grc-03 plotter. so far I have not had any problems with any of my plotter working with windows 10.