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  1. JaySun Rayzor

    Tint goes on the outside??

    like a thousand times, but once last year had a car flipper ask me to strip the tint on a new auction find. then he brought me Mercedes from Miami,, sure enough Limo On the outside glass. Entire car was tinted on the outside,Lol. just when u think you've seen it all, crazy part was it was done pretty well!
  2. JaySun Rayzor

    Half peel question?? Top load

    I do I like Dave and cali, cutting liner is extra step, extra steps equal extra time. exceptions are some of these rvs, ford transits and large vehicles where I peel and set top 20 to 25 percent and leave 75 percent liner on, gives me cleaner results on those larger funny shaped windows.
  3. if you want to add another skill set to your box of tricks, take on plumbing, was quoted 12,800 to replace my cast iron pipes that where 50 yrs old. Got a new hammer drill spent 350 on all new pvc and abs, and saved myself bout 10 grand, NO I don't want to be a plumber. I recently told a General manager at a dealership that if he wants someone with any skill they have better had used a few hundred thou of film, and he cant train an oiltech to be a tinter. Im talking film value, and not the 1.2 million dollars of police interceptors I tinted last year. Being a film technician is a career not a hobby. Oh and I got to drive this once, beep beep ! Suntek cxp 30. If your sweating and cursing no offense but u need to play with wires or something. takes me twenty minutes from the time u hand me your keys till I install 2 doors, wipe down panels, fill out warranty card and slam door shut. Finished and flawless.
  4. JaySun Rayzor

    Moving to Sarasota Florida(need advice)

    Dude , ur the man. great skills and business sense. Ive spent my life here in SW florida working for to many shops helping them grow to watch them ruin it. U should move to Clearwater, florida. That's were the money is. Top 3 places for tint dollars in FL, Miami, Clearwater, and West palm beach. Otherwise do your own thing, Nobody in that area has your experience and will treat you fair. Might take a bit but U could set the bar in this entire area. GL Fo RealZ.
  5. JaySun Rayzor

    Advice needed for 21yr tint veteran

    Thx quality and poppa. secured my new ein and llc last week. gonna put in order soon.
  6. JaySun Rayzor

    Need some advice

    agree with blackwolf, evolution of tint application has taught many slightly dif methods, I can still remember going What a bounce what? in reference to dry method. can still splice a cut on a defrost, like to see some new tinters try that, @black YOUR my neighbor man. in charlotte county.hahahah that's awesome. ill have to come see ya one day. still do beetles and golf rear lil wet on sides. helps slow and concentrate focus on small Fingers without burnout.
  7. JaySun Rayzor

    Advice needed for 21yr tint veteran

    thanks for reply vanhorn! needed some feedback on them. keep it going!
  8. JaySun Rayzor

    No more beemers

    nice nomaam and stewy! cant pass on the beems. never popped panels but do use teflons as in pic. never had a gripe on a beamer beside watching dots dry. echo stewy last comment. challenge urself and never stop learning
  9. JaySun Rayzor

    Advice needed for 21yr tint veteran

    regarding pricing guys, Florida cost of living tiny bit lower but big factor is competition drivin pricing. Theres a tint shop every block, ten is my local area. Factor in that auto owners turn over car every 2-3 years average( film comps ) know this. Customers come to florida and tell me your prices and get it here on vaca, from Georgia to Wisconsin to Canada. They laugh at those prices 500-1500$ to tint a car! what is made of GOLD. Part of our duty is to inform clients of the importance of sun and uv protection. The other factor is quality of install and professionalism. The meters and displays go a long way with most clients in this I want it know era. hand cut cxp over color graphics, my sharpie faster than ur plotter
  10. JaySun Rayzor

    Advice needed for 21yr tint veteran

    Jahaha, Gm’s wants 3m film with 3m ppf, and 3m door guards, thinks he can price 4 door cars at 169 to compete with local tint shops using lesser film, local guy charges 269for color stable and 400 + for crystalline. He didn’t have a clue ! Once again thanks everyone
  11. JaySun Rayzor

    Practice Makes Perfect On A Budget

    Technique is a key word, u don’t have to peel liner and apply to work on technique, cutting and applying, the transfer from one side of glass to the other or from ur wall glass is were beginners should start, become comfortable with handling the film and squeegee process before U start slicing up rolls of film, ie do the same door ten times with same piece of film without adhesive. Speed comes with comfort, most of us can tint the cars blind cuz we that’s what we’ve done for so many years, good luck 🍀
  12. I appreciate reading all ur feedbacks to this, been in and out of several dealerships, way to much bull, will only do solid fully thought out deals anymore, the . Hr breakdown is way to go. Like mechanics book, gives incentive to go harder and not get lazy, also preview lot each season to adjust for new models and adapt, make ur own book. And don’t fall victim to the salesman. They know they make lots of money and how much, u should to, do the research and do the math.🌞🤟
  13. JaySun Rayzor

    Advice needed for 21yr tint veteran

    I feel that stewy, why I said gonna suggest that route for em, gonna be interesting pitch tomorrow, only reason I’m going hard, cuz GM mentioned tinting 75% of lot, global will be my first go with them. Appreciate feedbacks!
  14. JaySun Rayzor

    Advice needed for 21yr tint veteran

    Ok for realz, in 20 years, NeVer ever ever had a customer come in and ask for global, end of story, customers know 3m, llumAr, suntek. Don’t care if they made film since Jesus. Have big meeting with local dealership Monday, Honda. I’ll ask the general manager who spent last year putting deal together to bring in house tinting together if he’s heard of global. Definatly gonna Push ceramics after recent research and you guys. Will suggest global tryout qdp style. 😎👍🏻
  15. JaySun Rayzor

    Finally mastered shaving framless roll ups !

    Hey guys, I’ve played with this for years, only use for special customers with elite cars. Use stainless blades and stainless file sets. My question is when do u justify the extra time and work and what’s your up charge?