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  1. So it looks like $400-600 is the going price for Crystalline down in Miami. In Broward where I am, it's $500 average. Best price near me was Delray Beach for $425.
  2. Did you get any pricing for Crystalline in your area?
  3. Here is his newest video doing a comparison between the CTX 15 and Stratos 15. I guess your concern about the Stratos is due to it's high absorption of heat and IR that it will effect the adhesive that's used. https://youtu.be/1iJPwaZSqSg
  4. I'd be curious as to what pricing you get down in Miami for Crystalline or Stratos (if there are any Stratos installers). I personally wouldn't go that far south since I'm closer going north to Delray Beach or West Palm Beach.
  5. This was the video of his, shows the Stratos 15, Pinnacle 15, CTX and a few others. I asked him about comparing to the Crystalline, and he said that someone would have to send him a sample in order to test it. https://youtu.be/ECsKPL__LEE
  6. Last week I had seen the Crystalline 20 and it is a brown shade, and the CTX 20 which is a "normal" black/blue shade. What color would you say the Pinnacle & Stratos 15 are? (haven't seen in person yet.) Also wondering which shade would go best with the Sand color of my Altima at the bottom of page 3.
  7. I found these two that I took of my car last September after hurricane Irma came through
  8. These are two pictures I found that show the Sand color of my car. The 2nd one has tint that looks similar to the 3M that's on there now. http://www.nissancolors.info/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/2009-Nissan-Altima-2.5-S-2.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/736x/1f/2e/f8/1f2ef8e17328e54dd8f89946e5cab436.jpg
  9. Regardless of what brand of tint I go with for the sides and rear, I wasn't sure about doing the windshield since I like it nice and clear. But if I were to do it, it would probably be with wither the AB 80, Stratos 70, or Crystalline 70/90, as those are the lightest colors. I know alot of heat comes through the windshield, as I can really feel it while driving.
  10. I had forgot to ask about clarity. Between the ones I've been looking at (Crystalline, Stratos, Pinnacle) are any better or worse when viewing from the inside.
  11. Since I have always had 20% tint on my past 4 cars (92 Pontiac Bonneville with Llumar, 98 Buick LeSabre with Llumar, 06 Altima with Llumar, and my current 09 Altima with 3M) I would want to stay around that 20% (to 15%). Not really wanting to go lighter at 30/40.
  12. One thing that I had read is that Crystalline isn't as durable as other films, such as Stratos/Pinnacle and Huper Optiks. I have seen the Crystalline CR20 in person last week, and it has a brown hue when looking through the sample. I still have to drive up to West Palm Beach to look at the Stratos and Pinnacle there.
  13. I'm also trying to see who does Huper Optiks in my area and what the price would be.
  14. This was on another site, someone made an Excel file showing the different tint specs. Shows Stratos 15 as 63% TSER and Crystalline 20 as 62% TSER. Tint specs