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  1. I forgot my notepad at my girlfriend house. SO here is a few places i called that i found via 3m website. I hope i can help anyone in the miami area ALL GLASS TINTING 10550 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach FL 33138 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 215 Visit Website Crystalline Certified This place has no employees and isn't taking any jobs. GF PROFESSIONAL WINDOW TINTING 7225 NW 68th St Ste 8, Miami FL 33166 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 601 Visit Website Crystalline Certified $550 crystalline sedan no windshield MIAMI AUTO TINT 2101 SW 8 Street, Miami FL 33135 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 600 Visit Website $500 crystalline sedan windshield 250 alone all together $700 SUPERIOR SOUND & AUTO ACCESSORIES 5990 West 20 Avenue, Hialeah FL 33016 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 737 Visit Website $420 w/out windshield sedan $220 windshield FLORIDA SOUND AND PROTECTION 16035 NW 57 Ave, Miami Lakes FL 33014 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 676 $599.95 crystalline sedan $200 windshield MIAMI AUTO SPA 68 SE 6th St, Ste3110, Miami FL 33131 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 484 Visit Website $399.95 crystalline sedan forgot to ask for windshield BEST WINDOW TINTING 7284 NW 8th Street, Miami FL 33126 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 743 Visit Website $600 crystalline sedan $250 windshield TINT AND MORE 1375 NW 97th Ave Bay #1, Doral FL 33172 Email us +1 855-705-7470 ext. 520 $390 crystalline sedan 190 windshield After telling him i am comparing prices he lowered it to $370 for the whole car & $180 this is where i am going to get it done going tomorrow look at the film & making sure it is crystalline not being lied to. PROFESSIONAL WINDOW TINTERS 7385 Bird Road (40th Street), Miami FL 33155 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 360 Visit Website Crystalline Certified $399.95 crystalline sedan 200 windshield SENOR STEREO 9001 SW 40th Street, Miami FL 33165 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 382 Visit Website $430 crystalline sedan $265 windshield SOLAR TINT, INC. 5887 S.W 70th Street, Miami FL 33143 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 750 Visit Website Crystalline Certified $499.99 crystalline sedan $250 windshield HI LINE STYLING 7803 Pines Blvd, Pembroke FL 33024 Directions Contact Info Email us +1 855-705-7470 ext. 577 Visit Website Crystalline Certified $480.00 crystalline sedan $200 windshield WINDOW TINT USA 2450 West Sample Road #4, Pompano Beach FL 33073 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 530 Visit Website $479.00 crystalline sedan $249 windshield CHAMPION WINDOW TINTING 7648 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs FL 33067 +1 855-705-7470 ext. 535 $499.00 crystalline sedan $199.99 windshield
  2. sorry for the latlate reply i just got a bunch of prices I'll post it up in a little.
  3. HAHAHA yeah those two beast are in different playing fields of there own. I am happy i found this forum for info I needed. Gonna look at prices tomorrow at some shops for crystalline. I'll keep yall updated. sorry for thread hacking to the OP lol
  4. Truly appreciate the knowledge dropped in this post. I was really leaning towards stratos because of this video But if your saying this film holds on the heat and will not release it til the car is in motion or if some type of wind blows and I'd still feel heat I wouldn't want to pay the premium price for this film that can get a better "feeling" with a film like crystalline in Miami. ill see about pricing for crystalline. I am novice to all this didnt know there was all these different tint films
  5. I called them and they told me they dont do F1 stratos i wonder why I'll call then again and see.
  6. Llumar stratos. but I see your getting a better deal of 400 bucks. where were you quoted that price I'd like to call and see about my car. Is stratos superior to crystalline?
  7. I am also in Miami and trying to get tints done on my new civic and see which is best for myself. So is stratos better then crystalline? I am looking at auto nova in ft Lauderdale area, he told me 550 for the whole car and 175 for the windshield. doesnt matter what percentage I get. idk of this is a good price can any of yall chime in.
  8. I am planning on installing stratos 70 on my windshield and just trying to fathom the cost of 200 bucks is worth it. So from what your saying it didnt work as good as advertised? I am in Miami so trying to block all the Ray's i can in my car.