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  1. Thank you so much.I have buy one gold card in
  2. The tools named Turbo.Is this tool for shrink molding or just for scraping water?
  3. Hello, wet shrink windshield can use this one? It named Bondo in the ld c
  4. YES I know there are many tools in the, I don't know which scraper can use film shirnk molding.There are Yellow turbo or Blue Bondo,which one?
  5. Hello guys,I often scratches the films,Which kind of scraper do you use when shrink molding? Please recommend me. Thank you
  6. Hello guys , I am a tint amateur from south California ,I have been learning by myself through video for half a year, and there have a few successful cases. But each case was not absolutely perfect.Inexplicable scratches, stubborn bubbles, lack of knife skills, let me get stuck.Please recommend me to a professional school or course in Los Angeles or San bernardio, or accept me as an apprentice. I am willing to pay the tuition and learn from you modestly.
  7. Hello guys , I am a new tinter from south California that I just start to my business. I have no tint licence yet and I don't sure which brand of film is better for me.My price is 100-150$ one car, II do not need too many functions of the film , as long as good to work , the price is cheap,because I'm not skilled enough and I need a film that will shrink better.Could you recommend several film to me and give the detail.The most important thing is where can I buy it because I don't have a license and company ye