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  1. Has anybody done it and would it even last?
  2. Andrade92

    Windshield sizes

    You are correct!
  3. Andrade92

    Windshield sizes

    What are the benefits of buying from express instead of directly from global? They seems almost the same in pricing.
  4. Andrade92

    Globals IR 80% Ceramic tint question.

    A mistake that I did not notice I was making. I will now say it the correct way. Thanks guys
  5. Andrade92

    Windshield sizes

    I will be using Global Window Films and they only offer 30", 36", 60", 72" in the 80%. I was thinking about ordering the 36" but now i wonder if I should order the 60" and have it cut 36" and 24" so I can now offer both windshield and other windows with the clear ceramic tint if the client prefers clear tint over dark tint.
  6. Andrade92

    Globals IR 80% Ceramic tint question.

    Awesome thanks for your input ! If not tints.... what should they be called? Thanks. Im glad im hearing positive things about this.
  7. I want to stock some rolls of globals 80% IR Ceramic tint. I would be using it for windshields mostly. So my questions is does this product still have hazing? I have read that it leaves a haze but also read that it was due to a production error at the factory and has since been fixed. Does anybody use their clear tints for windshields? Any opinions? Thanks
  8. Andrade92

    Windshield sizes

    I am looking to add some 80% IR Ceramic film to my inventory and am curious as to what sizes most windshield sizes are. Also does anybody splice their windshields? (This would be my last option) Thanks
  9. Andrade92

    Covering my A$$

    I am thinking about including on my work orders a " not liable" check box that confirms that the customer is aware of the state tint laws and has agreeded to proceed with the service. Example - Customer wants 5% all around yet the law in Florida is 28% front windows 15% rear. I explain the law and he/she agrees and signs. I don't want it coming back and biting me in the ass I just want to give the customer what they want. Any opinions?
  10. Thanks! I have seen some of his videos on financing on YouTube before he sure is intelligent.
  11. I want to start a mobile tinting business in South Florida. I have read all the flaws about it regarding the weather, transportation, clients having garages or not, dirt/dust, etc. But I am optimistic and have seen great jobs done outside. Is there a website I can go to that will list exactly what I need to run it legally? Thanks for any input.