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  1. Tint-Titan

    Manufacturing Custom Window Tint

    It's hard to explain but I'll try. Imagine normal black tint but has a "tinge" or shade or a colour that you can see (maybe more when light it shining on it) like a red or green. I really don't know how to explain it. Hope you/anyone can help. And thanks for the info - didn't know there was actually a limit on the reflectance!
  2. Tint-Titan

    Manufacturing Custom Window Tint

    Hi Michael, Nice to E-meet you too. I totally understand the points you have made. It seems to be quite a far-fetched venture for me to design my own tint (and capital intensive too!) I guess the next step to take is to try and find manufacturers already producing film similar to what I want and seeing how it looks on different cars. I really do appreciate your advice. People like yourself make forums worthy of joining! Hope you have a great day. Shaan
  3. Tint-Titan

    Colored window film

    Can anyone recommend some decent colored window film suppliers (preferably in the UK) ? thanks
  4. Want to learn how to tint and wanted to know if it’s worth paying the extra £££ for a physical traininng course with someone there to look over my work or shall I just buy an online training course (with good reviews) and follow that?
  5. Hi, I am a new member so please forgive me if there are past threads about this.( tried searching but couldn’t find anything) i am am totally obsessed with manufacturing my own window tint. I look at cars everyday and imagine a unique looking tint on the every car. i have some sort of idea of what kind of tint I am looking for but I’m finding t difficult to make the right “look” as to physically see it. I am just stuck on where to start? I would really appreciate any advice you might have. Thanks.
  6. Tint-Titan

    Practice Makes Perfect On A Budget

    Thanks Jaysun! Love the advice and will definitely take it on board. Regards
  7. Tint-Titan

    Practice Makes Perfect On A Budget

    Thank you very much! Ill have a look look at the threads for beginners. much appreciated.
  8. Hi, I have been very interested in tinting windows recently and know it will take a lot of practice to get used to tinting different cars and to learn techniques that I am best suited to. What brand film would you recommend to use to practice with, bearing in mind I will be making mistakes so need to buy a lot of roll, don’t want it to cost me too much. what equipment would I need? And where is it best to get this from? Will eBay/Amazon be ok with quality of the equipment? (I’d rather buy once and use it for when I eventually tint other people’s cars) Thank you you for your help,