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  1. tools

    Best slip solution ratio?

    6 squirts from baby shampoo the .27 gallon pump dispenser for the back window 10 squirts ..probably too much but for me I need the extra slip back there.
  2. using white card currently for sides you can buy these cards a rush?...order from amazon. they sell a triple color kit for like 10 bucks
  3. tools

    Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    unroll onto back deck .. reslip the film and then get under the film and apply.. unrolling on the back deck allows an opportunity to reslip the film
  4. tools

    Bulldozer fix when the blade falls off

    keep them tips rolling tks man
  5. tools

    Any tricks on reverse rolling windshields ???

    ive been working with unrolling on the rear deck without applying film to the window..after liner is peeled then respray the film with slip and then apply to window
  6. installed sunday...worked on bubbles last 3 days later. on sunday when i first worked on the bubbles they kept rebubbling...(slip was getting sucked back in)= push bubble out the side..original bubble would resurface. last night started with chizler..but then just used my finger and 75% just pushed down and gone...remaining 20% pushed into defroster line..5% (start of the bubble line no longer white color but would not push down =adhesive dried out...looks like some bits of dust etc...really not noticeable . the other smaller bubble majority just pushed down with my finger ..little leftover bubble pushed to defroster line...5% leftover is again not noticeable. also pleased with the .5" finger at the bottom that wouldnt lay down post install..last night carded it down finally with yellow least 5 mins later it was still down..ill check it again this week. seems like the easy cure for the original bubbles was to let the BG dry out for a few days and them down.
  7. tools

    Windshield tinting

    I think the answer to your question is "yes" . .. you will probably enjoy the solar heat rejection value
  8. update. started pushing out the line bubble with chisler... then just used my finger and 85% of the bubble is gone just by pressing with finger..the leftovers i used your tips and pushed with my finger towards defroster..small circular part start of the line bubble remains ..but now not noticeable. the small bubble 2nd photo just pressed around with finger and 95% pressed down. managed to also press down a 1/2" finger which was stubborn after install down by bottom edge by dot matrix. tks for the tips guys. sometimes just need to let these suckers dry out a bit and they will press down
  9. got it..tks to all for the tips....ill try it when i get access to the car again this week
  10. once i push out to line up with defroster...the bubble should dissapate.... or if i still see bubble..should i attempt to slight push out towards the side ( following defroster line) which would help move out air/moisture along the def line?
  11. so dont try to push it all out thru the sides? if i line it up to the defroster line...i will leave a bubble at the defoster??
  12. do you think waiting a week is too long to card these bubbles out?
  13. thanks man..after initial install i was carding these out but they kept returning...its been several days so maybe they will card out without resurfacing after having a few days of curing n drying
  14. re: line bubble... line bubble is thin..maybe 2-3 cm...about 1.5-2" long.. will it dry out ...or any suggestions here?
  15. rear glass...will these dry out if not suggestions appreciated...tks