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  1. questions on small tiny bubbles

    film brand unknown..bought off ebay ..marketed as suntek..but im confident its not...did meter out to the marketed vlt shade though. car is a 2012 camry..the pic is of side slide window. its been 2 weeks since applied...you still think a water bubble like this will dry out? car is garaged when not driven as a daily driver so its not exposed to sun all day i have to redo the window for other reasons..but asking about these bubbles so i know how to improve the redo
  2. Cuts on glass

    okay...and they said it well if they catch fingernails staying with the glass scratches problem... one option..low costs...buy glass polish..buy a reputable brand...and use microfiber towel and hand polish them out..see what you are left with. id give it a few weeks after that...and your headache will probably go away or will lessen to a certain degree. replacing rear glass requures breaking factory seals ..good glass shops can do this job well..but may want to think twice about having this done to a brand new car. side slide windows...seems less intrusive...but the door panels will have to be removed and the installer will have to set the new glass correctly in position...(and reinstall your panel correctly)...door panels never seem to seat the same after removal..i have some squeky door panels on one of our older cars....and another door panel the dealer did not correctly install it..its off a hair..but given its age...its not an issue for me to look into further. both options opens you up to potentially more headaches and install issues...both options also require retinting your windows. likely you wont go back to the sane shop likely the next shop you go to wont be able to match the film exactly to what you have ( i could be wrong) this is why i suggested you may want to consider living with it ( as it relates to what to do with the scratches) if its any consolation...your glass will scratch and mar and etch from normal driving and washing during your ownership. good luck with whichever way you proceed
  3. Cuts on glass

    does your finger catch on the scratch? run your fingernail backwards lightly over the scratch and see if the tip of your fingernail catches...if not.mshould be able to polish it out... if the nail catches..it wont polish out
  4. enforcer ii tint meter question

    tks guys...the tips worked ...
  5. Cuts on glass

    welcome back man i can only offer suggestion with how to potentially get rid of the scratches.... DA polisher with glass polish...this will only work for loght surface scratches...maybe looking at 150 bucks bw polisher ..pads and glass polish..and you can use the DA polisher to polish /wax your new car.. if you go this diy route..research the right pad and only buy glass polish..std auto paint polish will marr your glass...glass polish is designed to polish glass.... another option is to go to a reputable car detailer whom would offer you glass polishing service...id ask to see their glass polish first to make sure they have the right product..the label will say "....glass polish..." if they show you anything else which does not label as glass polish..id walk away and find someone else. good luck man
  6. questions on small tiny bubbles

    not sure if this pic shows it well im gona redo this window
  7. enforcer ii tint meter question

    there we go....great tip...im gona try that her3 in a few mins lol tks
  8. nice little tool/ gadget.. question.. how do you get a reading on non installed film. the tool is activated by the force of glass being inserted in the slot... sliding a piece of film by itself, does not activate the meter... other than "having a spare piece of glass without any built in tint.." any suggestions on how to get the enforcer to read a piece of film..? or is "having a spare piece of glass/installing the film on glass" the only option
  9. Cuts on glass

    @drtint hey man..i think theres some confusion going on here.. based on your response "You came to the forum looking for guidance and solidification to your issue" ...its read like you think im the OP ...im not....?? OP = original poster whom is "OctiveFunction" original thread header: Cuts on glass By OctiveFunction, Monday at 07:21 PM in General Discussion im not the OP of this thread. i was offering suggestions to the OP on what to do about the scratches on his car... my comment which you circle back to... did not say anything about tint installers: this is what i wrote "heres what ive learned: 9 out of 10 times when you have someone work on your car..there will be some sort of damage" for me that was in reflection on dealer service depts which are well known for causing issues / damages during service... moving on......this post isnt about me....its about the OP issue and i think i offered him some consolation..that this happens to others.... I did not comment about what he should do as a recourse remedy b/c frankly I cant help him with that nor did he ask.. his post asked about whether the cuts were caused by the tint installation.. I offered some sound advice about how to take care of the scratches.ie...get a DA polisher and glass polish and see if the scratches will polish out, if so.. at least the scratches on his new car is resolved with a low intrusion method.... with all that said ...its all good man. (drtint)...lets move on and hopefully the OP resolves his issue in a way that works for him. the bigger question is where did the OP go? lol he hasnt replied since his initial post lol seems like he got his answer..which was a few posts suggesting that the scratches were caused by cutting tint on the window
  10. questions on small tiny bubbles

    thanks guys...all very very helpful tips
  11. Cuts on glass

    I agree 100% with your comment and OP frustration. I expect the same when I pay for service.. my comment about some form of damage/ cosmetic when getting work done etc was not directed at the tinting business. ie..if you have ever had your tires rotated..check your rims out … look for tool marks from the impact wrenches by the lug nuts... (hopefully you don't have any..but don't be surprised to see them). the challenge ..is when the damage is what I would term "cosmetic.." the repair / replacement itself (for me) is more damaging than living with the cosmetic damage. ie.. scratch on your quarter panel.. would you really want to have a body shop grind down the quarter panel/ adjacent panels, (removing non replaceable quality of factory baked on paint) or simply use some touch up paint, if at all, or just live with it and move on... in this instance.. glass scratches.. would you really want to have the factory glass removed and aftermarket glass installed for a few scratches that you have to look for in the right light/ angle conditions... or just live with it.. with that being said.. I was not discouraging the OP from seeking remedy from the installer, if the OP opts for that route.. im sure we have all been in that situation and in some instances, we opt to pursue remedy..and in other instances.. we just live with it..
  12. questions on small tiny bubbles

    thats what i needed..the bubbles are white.... how long after installing tint can you push air bubbles out?...
  13. Cuts on glass

    agree with dr tint about your recourse option if you choose to... my comment was about what to do about the scratches.... good luck with whatever decision you make and i understand the frustration.
  14. questions on small tiny bubbles

    pics would help..ill post pics tomorrow. it dark and when I used a flashlight ..the light overpowered the bubbles you would normally be able to see in natural sunlight.. back tomorrow with pics
  15. Cuts on glass

    not what you want to hear ...but id learn to live with it, rather than having someone pay for the glass to be replaced.. the predicament. scratches, which you have to look for vs.. having yet someone else work on your car, remove factory installed windows and replace with aftermarket and then you still have to get your windows tinted again. as the car ages, you will have more glass scratches etc.. you can try to polish them out with a DA polisher, glass polish … if you can catch your nail in the scratch...it will be too deep to polish out. heres what ive learned: 9 out of 10 times when you have someone work on your car..there will be some sort of damage