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  1. Tintoz

    1996 F series pickup

    I'm about to put a tint on my F150 too. The corners of the * are killing me. Do you guys have any tips on setting and shrinking?
  2. Tintoz

    Art tinting in Russia

    that's awesome! keep up the great work
  3. Tintoz

    Wincos 70% is my new favorite film

    nice choice
  4. Tintoz

    2016 Corvette Stingray

    the car looks great @tinttexas
  5. Tintoz

    M240 amp!!

    thanks for sharing us the info
  6. Tintoz


    Will take note of that. I'm new to it too and still am learning
  7. Tintoz

    Used a smooth diamond file after regular file

    any updates on where to get the fine tooth bastard file?