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  1. DaAdaKineTintSquad

    Window Tinters looking to relocate!

    If you'd like to personally email, the best working one we are always keeping an eye on is sydney.hensley326@gmail.com We can send plenty pics of our work.
  2. DaAdaKineTintSquad

    Window Tinters looking to relocate!

    My wife and I both tint windows. My name is Paul(22) and her name is Sydney(20). I've been tinting for about 10 years and she has worked alongside me for the past 5. I can tint a full 4 door car myself in 2 1/2 hours, with her help around 1 hour to an hour and a half depending on make and model. I can fully hand cut and install tint on any vehicle put in front of me, she can install any window and cut out and shrink some back glasses. I have tinted plenty of vintage vehicles but not all of them, also tinted a few boats, old campers, plenty of flatglass, exotic cars and trucks, buses, etc. I have worked in a few shops so I know about the industry. Hoping to relocate away from this broke state of Alabama. Looking to move to a more profitable and more open minded area. We are old souls and not really looking for the serious uniformal and commercial shop to work in, just looking for someone who is going to be as good to us as we are to them. We will always be on time, may take short lunch breaks but always wanting more work. Will work past closing time if that's what it takes to make more profit. If you know anyone or are looking for two experienced tinkers please let me know.