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  1. Joey

    Options for sub 5% tint?

    Admittedly even 5% is too dark, I’m glad that it’s illegal in my county to have any tints darker then 70% on a passenger vehicle. At times I think to my self while driving around at night in poorly lit areas with 5%’s; How ridiculously dangerous it is. But I rarely drive at night and at all, I’m still curious as to how much darker 2.5 is over 5.
  2. Joey

    Options for sub 5% tint?

    Thank you for the insight, I have yet to see a 2.5 in person; probably for good reason, but I was wondering if there was a “diminishing returns” type law applicable to tints. I’ll most likely have my local tint shop lay down a sample and or have a side by side comparison with a 5% before I take it on the road. Ill look into the solargard’s 3% film thanks.
  3. Joey

    Options for sub 5% tint?

    I’m quite certain that even 5% is not legal in my county, thank you for your input!
  4. Joey

    Options for sub 5% tint?

    Lol sorry, didn’t really research that😂
  5. Joey

    Options for sub 5% tint?

    Sorry I’m not to knowledgeable in regards to tints, but at least I’m smarter then most people being able to afford to daily a S63🤷‍♂️
  6. Joey

    Options for sub 5% tint?

    That's not particularity something I'd voluntarily do @blackoutauto
  7. Hello everyone id greatly appreciate your inputs here on what tint you guys would recommend, a bit of background ive been driving my 2016 Cadillac CTS for about a year now with 5% tints all around and 20% on the windscreen. I have recently bought a black 2016 S-class and want to go even darker, what would you guys recommend for a tint darker then 5%? besides wrapping my windows black that is ;) All The Best