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  1. Jc3030

    50% Films

    SolarGard Supreme for sure, and not sure on other specific brands. Just cars I've seen in general around the area with what appears to be around 50% tinted windows or windshield.
  2. Jc3030

    50% Films

    Is it me or do most 50% films have a greenish tinge to them?
  3. Opinions on this film?
  4. Curious on your guys' opinion of this film. How it looks, performs, and lasts. Wanting to get my full front windshield tinted 50% and this is what one of the local shops offered, with lifetime warranty.
  5. Jc3030

    Window feels tacky

    What’s the best way to clean it? After scraping some left over adhesive off with adhesive remover and a razor blade, I went over the whole window with adhesive remover, a white scrub pad, and then glass cleaner.
  6. Jc3030

    Window feels tacky

    Just removed tint from inside of window. After I removed film and adhesive, the window feels tacky to the touch. Is there a fix for this? Thanks