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  1. Bubbles

    Tinting friends and coworkers rides

    I bought the film from tint depot. Also found some on letgo I want to redo a few family members. They just say how its fine and they like it the way it is.
  2. Bubbles

    Tinting friends and coworkers rides

    Good advice. Its been so cold and wet I havent had a chance to do any tinting. Hopfully its nice out this weekend.
  3. Can they be polished with a detail buffer. Ive seen them polish glass with a compound before not sure if the scratches would come out. Just a thought.
  4. Bubbles

    Does anybody know what this is

    Is it worth money since its old school tint. 😎
  5. Bubbles

    Does anybody know what this is

    He loves It. I told him I would do it in another shade. So is it Suntek. I just needed the practice on that one
  6. I just use j and j and distilled water. Wipe your squeege after every stroke. I do love spray away to.
  7. Bubbles

    Does anybody know what this is

    Is it for cars I think it may be for residential. does suntek say it on the liner.
  8. Bubbles

    Does anybody know what this is

    It is darker than 35 percent although not that much darker. Easy to work with film and very thin.
  9. I bought some tint on let go to practice with. I think its suntek although not sure what it is. I bought 2 rolls 80 bucks 40 by around 100 each. The other one is smoke about 35 percent. I just dont what this one is. To me it looks cool.
  10. Bubbles

    Whats up BOSS!

    They could call you a lot worse names. Its probably just that they dont know who you are. Do you wear a name tag. That might help. Ive worked with people for s while now and im just hey you to them. So boss or chief would be a upgrade. I dont think there trying to be mean.
  11. Looking for a Old School Alpine windshield visor. Or Kenwood. Any help on where to look or make one would be great. Thanks agsin.
  12. Bubbles

    Anyone Else Have This Issue??

    That food is making me hungry
  13. Bubbles

    DUB IR Film

    I tint and retint mine all the gime 🤠
  14. Bubbles

    Some sweet rides

  15. Bubbles

    2018 Challenger T/A 392

    Did you test the tires 🤠