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  1. Does anybody know what this is

    Is it for cars I think it may be for residential. I does suntek say it on the liner.
  2. Does anybody know what this is

    It is darker than 35 percent although not that much darker. Easy to work with film and very thin.
  3. I bought some tint on let go to practice with. I think its suntek although not sure what it is. I bought 2 rolls 80 bucks 40 by around 100 each. The other one is smoke about 35 percent. I just dont what this one is. To me it looks cool.
  4. Whats up BOSS!

    They could call you a lot worse names. Its probably just that they dont know who you are. Do you wear a name tag. That might help. Ive worked with people for s while now and im just hey you to them. So boss or chief would be a upgrade. I dont think there trying to be mean.
  5. Looking for a Old School Alpine windshield visor. Or Kenwood. Any help on where to look or make one would be great. Thanks agsin.
  6. Anyone Else Have This Issue??

    That food is making me hungry
  7. DUB IR Film

    I tint and retint mine all the gime 🤠
  8. Some sweet rides

  9. 2018 Challenger T/A 392

    Did you test the tires 🤠
  10. How much was the film? It took me around 5 times and a roll of film before Im kinda happy with my tinting. Practic practice and more practice.
  11. Corners peeling off

    You might be touching that corner. Also you should trim it neat and round the corners because they will flip up. Keep practicing and treat every window like its your own car.
  12. First non paying non family job

    Ok its been a while now and my friend from work traded in the 200 for a chevy cruz 2018. So I started it today not to bad so far. Taped the felt. Hopfully finish up tomorrow weather permitting. Any tips on the BG. Thanks for all the help.
  13. Tips for Hand Cutting Frameless Windows

    Maybe fvd is like a Dxf lcd or cnc file. I work on cnc plasma and lasers at my day job. You could measure angles and compas old school off a paper pattern if you dont have a scanner that big.
  14. Tips for Hand Cutting Frameless Windows

    How would you draw that. Maybe scan then transfer to aotocad?
  15. Back window package tray

    Thanks for the help guys. Ill try it on Turkey Day. Im still learning and getting tools for tinting. The more I do it the more I learn. Thanks agsin guys.