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  1. Learning from dvd

    I dont have a specific question. I prep trim shrink and peel liner. I was thinking to go to the school but I can not afford it right now. So i thought the DVD libary might be a good start for now I bought a 50 ft roll and did my wifes car my sons car and my car. Now i bought a 100 ft roll and fixing the windows i didnt like. I just wanted to get better at it and was wondering if the DVDs really help. Thanks again.
  2. Learning from dvd

    Im new to tinting and like doing it. Ive tinted my car 5 times and it gets better every time. Im wanting to get info from people who use the dvds from Portland. I usally tint after work and when i have film. Thanks and any help would be great
  3. Metrovac Sidekick

    Thanks thats what i was thinkig.
  4. Metrovac Sidekick

    Hi new to the forum. Does anyone use the Metrovac Sidekick for tinting. I was thinking you could use it to temove slip in the back eindow when installing film. Any help would be great