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  1. Would like some tips on how to speed up full vehicle install. Usually takes me 3-4hrs currently.for a full size sedan. Looking to get down to 2- 2 1/2 hours average. Any tips or suggustions for an efficient whole install.
  2. 06 Volo s60 input?

    About to do a 06 volvo s60 and is there anything tricky about this vehicle. Im a beginner! Would love any input that can possible save me time and head ache haha. Thanks
  3. Film Question.

    Right😂 My lucck every Retint i do will be PITA....
  4. Film Question.

    Removed film from a freinds car and used no heat there was no adhesive what so ever left on the window. Is that just cheap film? Need some input. thanks guys!
  5. Yeah just trying to avoid removing them . If i run my hand across the BG they are very old and brittle and are rough. Ill Just ask the customer if he minds to have them removed. Thanks
  6. About to tint a 97 honda accord and they have old decals all over the back glass and was wondering how i could shrink without scratching the film side. Any suggestions guys? Thanks
  7. 06 Kia Sportage BG

    Next vehicle on my list to tint .Need some imput on how to tint the Back Glass on a 06 kia sportage. Mainly the circles for shrinking/install. Im a beginner 😊
  8. Best Rearview Mirrow Adhesive

    Yeah thats what i thought. Thanks man!
  9. Best Rearview Mirrow Adhesive

    So most tinters will just cut around the tab then? Like i have done. Just curious. Really new into this business
  10. Best Rearview Mirrow Adhesive

    Well iknow but for exapmle my jeep liberty has a silver tab and its on clear glass and i would like to take the tab off so it wont look so weird from the outside. I can take a pic if you want
  11. Best Rearview Mirrow Adhesive

    No im just curious to what most tinters use for a quality adhesive for rearview mirrors
  12. Looking for a good rearview mirror adhesive/glue. For when i install sunstrips.
  13. Fading Question*

  14. Fading Question*

    Im just curious if i where to install solar Fx 5% classic black non-color stable film how long will it take to fade purple. State. Nebraska.
  15. 2011 Impala Backseat Window Help

    Having trouble with the shifting glass and the tight seals need some advice.