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  1. Thank You guys for constant feedback on this topic, very interesting conversation we have here. Seems I UP the question from @VON, @DavidOG can You let us know who offers pre cut patterns on interiors as we can see on Your pictures? Those look really nice and accurate. Thanks! Simon
  2. Thank You all for Your input! I considered this topic closed and did not revisit the thread for a while and now I see a lot of additional info — I really appreciate it. Now I know for sure that dry application will not fly but also feel more confident to use wet application with minimal amount of slip. I refused the business then but I know the client is still looking for a solution so I will contact him again. Once again, many thanks to You all! Simon
  3. I see there are no ideas for this dry application so I think I will just have to refuse it, as @blackoutauto said. Too bad, I was hoping someone might have some hidden trick up . their sleeves :). Thank You all for the input!
  4. No big pieces really, basically Piano blacks which there are not a lot of, as on the pic:
  5. JoshVette, many thanks for Your feedback. Does someone else have some experience in dry application? I am still hesitant after using water at all when it comes to interior. Thanks!
  6. Dear TintDude forum users, Can You share if You have any experience of application PPF completely without slip solution? I have a client asking for applying PPF in interior and obviously I do not want to wet the interior of this expensive car (Merc E AMG). I know some companies apply PPF in interior as a wet application but I definitely want to avoid that. I told my client that the application might not be perfect because of it and he accepts, of course there shouldn’t be any very bad parts. Still any feedback from You will be very appreciated. I made a quick trial using some scraps of Xpel Ultimate I had lying around and only big issue I saw were the marks on the film looking like lines from squeege. I tried very hard to get it on the picture but could not capture those. I think however that thore are the same as in this post: I start a new topic and not write in this thread as I think my question is a bit different with having to install the material dry only. So any dry application tips will be appreciated! Thanks! Simon