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  1. Thanks for the comments, I gave up years ago telling the bodyshop owners that film shouldn't be applied to fresh paint. In the past 15 years the only major negative effects is removing the film and broken adhesive marks. The marks are only a problem on black or dark colour paint. I haven't seen any weird discolouration or lifting so the jobs continue to go on. I don't do any retail jobs on fresh paint unless the customer are comfortable with the risks. I have found using solution with a lot slip can work well on easy installs but doesn't help on the difficult ones where you need to have the film tack into place. Maybe some films may work better than others but I want to continue using the 3M so I'm wondering if others have had the same install issues and if there are tips to resolve the problem. thanks
  2. Hi, I'm looking for film install tips on fresh paint. I have a few body shop customers that need bumpers and hoods done after a few days of paint dry time. The biggest problem is broken adhesive marks that show up in darker colours, I generally add more soap to the slip solution and occasionally wax the areas where the film needs excessive stretch. 3M gel works ok but I still can get a few marks. Any helpful tips will be appreciated. I use 3M pro film, water with J&J baby shampoo slip solution, steamer when needed. thanks