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  1. TintMania

    New guy in the block in Col. OH seeking advice

    Thank you! Any thoughts on Suntek?
  2. TintMania

    New guy in the block in Col. OH seeking advice

    Thank you OverLord, message sent!
  3. Hello fellas, New guy in Tinters block reaching out from Columbus OH. Have done some research, looked around, called around. But looks like this circle is pretty tightly cherished... and might be for good reasons. I've been seriously contemplating doing window tinting, I actually work on cars in my garage (no business, no advertising, just word of mouth) and have often been asked if I can do window tinting, to which I had to say no. Finally the curiosity got to me and thought it might be worth the shot and by the looks of it it might be a good decision. Not looking to dive into it as a business yet, but I don't see why it wouldn't be a long term goal. At this moment my goal is to practice on my own cars and grab some friends' as guinea pigs. However, I have struggled quite A LOT when it came to sourcing film! I'm sure you've heard this before LOL. I've given up (just for now!) on the big boys 3M and Llumar, then I started looking into the other brands, and the options are like the tree that keeps on giving. So my questions are here, please help: - Would you consider e.bays window tint sales a reliable source to buy film? As tightly as the supply chain is, I had a hard time figuring out if ebay tints are legit. - Other brands that I had just recently been researching (here at T.D. and online) are Suntek Ceramic series, Solar CarbonFX and UltraFX series. Haven't yet found out whether having a business license is necessary to buy these films, would someone know? Are these recommended films to start with while being able to offer a good customer experience? - I've read a couple of posts regarding pricing window tint services and I completely agree that "coming low just to get started" is not a good idea. Like I said I work on cars on the side, nothing heavy at all, but I'm not that far from what mom-n-pop shop's labor charge is (ironically I can't quite mark up parts since I don't have commercial accounts but again I don't that for a living). Does it justify charging somewhat close to my area's tinting market amid my lack of experience? How would you approach this? I honestly don't know that I want to go through the trouble of setting up a business entity right at this moment since I don't even have the hands-on experience , much less know how my tinting experience will turn out. Nonetheless, I am putting in some serious research time and for some reason I can't seem to want to look back. Your thoughts on the above will be greatly appreciated!! May the Tint be with you! Thank you.