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  1. Does anyone need help on a large job? I am a master flat glass installer willing to travel wherever the job takes me. (251)327-4042 or ryan@anewview4u.com
  2. I am a 26 year flat glass veteran in the business looking to relocate. My experience includes ownership, sales and installation of all solar control films , safety films with attachment systems and decorative films with custom work. Being an owner of a fast paced company I do have experience in sales / marketing, management and accounting and will gladly help in those areas if asked to but im not interested in trying to run your company. I have recently sold my Gulf Coast business that I started nearly 15 years ago and with my 2 sons off at school I am finally free to experience a different part of the world. I'm not opposed to any job opportunity so message me if I am someone who you may be interested in speaking with. I can be reached at ryan@anewview4u.com