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    High Quality Film? Not A Dealer? Not A Problem Anymore

    Apologies for the confusion, at this time we’ve chosen to only offer kits for vehicles that were current during the last five years. This ensures that all of our available tint kits are available pre-shrunk whenever applicable. This library is ever expanding as we get our hands on vehicles and confirm patterns. In addition to what you currently see in the store, we have an extensive array of kits available in our library going back to the early 90s. If you don’t see the kit you are interested in just make your request on the Contact Page and we will be glad to assist you.
  2. Check out DigiCut Direct. 20 years providing window tint and paint protection film to dealers across the country. We've now branched out and offer a DIRECT TO CONSUMER option. Goto the site, find your vehicle, order the kit, ships within 3 days. Pre-Cut. Pre-Shrunk. High quality window film and self healing paint protection film. Full suite of tutorials on site and YouTube for installing every piece of film needed for a vehicle. https://www.digicutdirect.com
  3. Used to be available only to dealer networks... Now it's available direct to consumer. Check it out.. https://www.digicutdirect.com