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    Wrap dimensions and resolution.

    Well, Fossil, dimensions, and resolution depend on the graphics work you needed and size of a vehicle. Some people use normally dimensions around 78"x52" @72 dpi. If you want wraps for trucks then you may have to increase its size. Remember, you will have to go with the unique/custom design approach in order to gain customer trust and future service requests. Now, people are more concerned about the promotion of their services or products and they go for the vehicle graphic and wrapping services. You can read a guide on the type of vehicle graphics essential for business promotion here : See a type below in the image.
  2. Micheal W.

    How did you get your start?

    Hi Aesop_Rock, Thanks for sharing your experience and how did you enter into this industry. I Beleive that if you have got good designing skills then you can make your living great by earning handsome money and competing for with other people working in window tinting and vehicle graphics and wrapping industry. This vehicle graphic industry is expanding quickly and now more people are interested to use custom vehicle graphics on their cars/trucks, etc and promote their business. This is an affordable method of marketing. cheers man and keep making good bucks with your brother! Best of luck future billionaire!