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  1. Zachtooth

    Audi A4 Third Brake Light

    Ahh, good tip. Most of the patterns I use have the brake light cutout (dealer request) but some are cut so it has to tuck a bit under the brake light. Is it similar on other audi models?
  2. Zachtooth

    Audi A4 Third Brake Light

    These brake lights suck. I've even had audi techs say they break them a lot. Why do you do this audi?!?!
  3. Zachtooth

    New 8 series

    Hmm interesting. Thanks for the heads up, look forward to hearing more!
  4. Zachtooth

    New 8 series

    Dealership just got the new 8 series 2 door coupe in. Seems simple enough but having never touched one just wanted to check to see if there is anything to watch out for (speaker problems, installation issues etc)