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  1. Thank you guys for all your tips and recommendations. I ended up going to a pro who used a single piece of film and custom cut it to fit. I am extremely happy with the results! Lesson learned, find the proper PPF shop to do your job correctly the first time around. There truly are too many fly-by-night hacks in this industry due to its lucrative nature.
  2. Gurus and pros, please give me your wisdom as to how I should tackle ppf film install on these headlights. The shop I took it to only covered the headlights in Suntek up to the eyebrow (#5). I wasn't happy with it but I now know they probably struggled with installing the complete film. In any case, I ordered Suntek precut from an online vendor and gave it a shot after removing the shop installed headlight film. It was not an east job, especially with little to no experience with ppf. I was left with several fingers with nowhere to go. I started in the order you see in the photo below. When I finally gave up, I was left with several large and small fingers up by area number 5 as well as several adhesion marks where I had lifted too many times. For those who have experience with these exact headlights, is it possible to ppf them in one piece easily? If so, how should I tackle this? If too difficult for even semi-pros, I was thinking of attempting the install a second time with Suntek and Xpel on hand (in case I screw up again). This time, I would cut the film into two pieces, essentially the opaque eyebrow area would be one piece and the larger crystal clear area would be the second piece. All suggestions are appreciated!
  3. Thank you for the reply Jeff. I gave it a shot since I'd rather do these small repairs myself and I was surprised at how well the edge prep marker worked! From what I understand it basically acts as a solvent and softens the glue, giving it stronger adhesion properties. It worked perfectly for my needs.
  4. Hi PPF experts, does anyone have any experience with Xpel's ppf edge prep marker? I just had my hood and front bumper wrapped and there is some slight lifting on a few areas that I want to tack down before it gets worse or crudded up. If this marker is safe and easy to use, I am all for doing it myself instead of bringing it back for minor touch ups. I've read about Pro Bond and 3M 94 Primer and want to make sure Xpel's marker is not as permanent or aggressive. And I definitely want to ensure safe removal of the ppf without clearcoat damage in the future! Thanks for your expertise gents.