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  1. Sumter479

    Removing top layer of tint

    It's actually 2 separate layers of film, you can clearly tell. The first layer that was put on looks somewhat professionally done but the top layer looks like crap as far as the cut edges. It's on a crew cab pickup. I'm really just concerned about taking it off of the 2 front windows. Just wondering what are the odds of it tearing the bottom layer off when I pull the top layer off or if it leaves glue behind, is there a safe way to remove it without messing up the film that I want to leave?
  2. Sumter479

    Removing top layer of tint

    Hi, I just bought a used vehicle and the windows are way too dark. I happened to notice they are double tinted. Is there any way to remove the top layer of tint without damaging the other layer? I would like to leave the bottom layer to keep from having to retint them all. Thanks!