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    Clean Room Questions For New Shop Build

    Thank you for the advice
  2. Im new here and only a 1.5 year old PPF installer. Located in Greenville SC and I am currently building a new facility to expand my business into. I am designating a 15 X 25 ft room that will be sealed off from the remainder parts of the shop. I would really appreciate if someone could direct me into what Air Purifier/Dust Particle machine would be good for my room. Im finding so many things on air quality I am beginning to be overwhelmed and all I want to do it capture dust particles. On a side note I am also considering creating a overhead misting system to mist the room down and then rinse the room after the vehicle is pulled in. I have already purchased a Santa Fe Advanced 90 commercial Dehumidifier. Please help the newb that wants to eventually be a great installer.