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  1. Make two layers of this film (bend) and look at the lamp. Sometimes films give a red tint. If it is, then the client is right.
  2. The boss is right. He appreciates you as a painter. He does not need your money. He doesn’t need you to learn tinting. This can cause a bias in his business.
  3. Did not the film bent? Have a photo from inside? Judging by the fault "A", you did toning a few days earlier. You just did not notice the curve cut film. It is necessary to redo 100%. But I would apply because of the rest (I highlighted malfunctions). It is unacceptable.
  4. Hello! Tell me who bought PPF or PVH on the site Are there sellers of reliable films?
  5. Eurotone

    ricochet film

    Here we have it for sale))) And produces new models of films.
  6. Eurotone

    ricochet film

    Is this producer still alive? We began to sell this film. Is it a general production of Canada?
  7. Hello. We have the film "ricochet". Indicated that this is Canada. But I can not find information about production. Maybe someone knows about her? Thanks you.
  8. Eurotone

    What did you tint today?

    the customer desired two layers of 5% film.