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  1. broboyle

    1984 Ford F250 Windows

    Does anybody have a picture of a tinted vent window reflecting what it SHOULD look like? I looked online and haven't had much luck.
  2. broboyle

    1984 Ford F250 Windows

    Agreed, I was initially quoted $200 until I showed up and he saw the rear slider window, and he increased it to $250. I would be fine paying this amount any day, however I do not believe the job performed reflects a $250 tint-job. Would the best thing to do is have him strip it all off and refund the full amount or ask for a partial refund to compensate him for his time spent, to be fair?
  3. broboyle

    1984 Ford F250 Windows

    Hello all! From my lurking on this forum it appears that the subject truck is difficult to tint due to the vent windows and the rear slider glass. I am one of the crazy ones that got my windows tinted by a shop yesterday for $250, the windows are still curing for a few more days. The job was complete right around sunset so the gaps / issues were not visible until this afternoon on a bright sunny day. My issues with the tint are the edge gaps on the vent windows / rear glass and the passenger window has multiple scuffs on the tint itself. My questions are: 1. Do the photos below represent an acceptable job in regards to the gaps? 2. Should I request the installer redo or is this as good as it is going to get? 3. If I request a refund, should it be for the full amount or should it be partial to account for some of his time / labor? Pictures: Vent Rear Glass 1 Rear Glass 2 Thank you!