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  1. Spoke with a couple of you yesterday from here thanks tintdude had a problem at first opening this site and making this profile I'm still having troubles just getting used to it so forgive me tintdude and all of this is new to me I've never had a problem trying to look for work...or shall I say ever had to look very hard with my profession I'm not very good when it comes to using the web but I guess it's time for me to learn for 28 years I guess it was just hard to peel that olfa from my hands and have to pick up my phone....alot of which I've all ways had a secretary all ways do so it's very nice to meet all of you in my life I've worked around and with some awesome people and learned alot I'm 41 and not getting any younger but alot smarter I absolutely love to learn things in our trade that I've never or not done alot of it being from you older gentlemen that have done this longer than me you are the people I strive to know and work with I've spoken with a couple of you in the past couple days and I'm very interested in helping ,meeting, and getting to know your family life and business and look forward to showing you guys what I can do I'm very good when it it comes to tint knowing tint or just plain running a business I've been an entrepreneur all my life and a very good one that being said I look forward to working and meeting all of you if you seem to have a problem calling me on my brothers phone leave me a text and my brother will make sure I get it being he doesn't always answer the phone again you can friend me on messenger or Facebook under David Carrell I have 4 Facebook's sorry I got locked out of all but one I'll exept all friend requests from the automobile industry it's my love passion and my carreer 28 years strong and 28 more to come God bless all of you and I wish you all the best