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  1. Hi, I'm Steve, I run a window cleaning company in Australia, after I did a job a customer told me they paid 3k for their sunroom to be tinted. I thought I would take a look at maybe expanding into tinting, from the research I have already done, it seem that scraping the glass seems pretty mandatory. If this is the case how do you deal with new care instructions for tempered glass? New care instructions basically forbid us as window cleaners from using a razor blade on the glass as the glass will likely scratch, it happens. As someone who has been in the window cleaning industry for over 20 years and has done hundreds of construction commercial window cleans, I can tell you first hand that the tempered glass over here almost always scratch when you use a blade. The glass companies are aware of this and have stated this is an aggressive cleaning method and is not condoned on tempered glass. So my question, was my research wrong? is part of the surface preparation scraping the glass?