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  1. Tint Conditions

    Xsun Window Films

    I thought that the gps series was decent, but it doesn’t compete with global which is the other film I’ve been using through express . I tried xsun xfinity nr....horrible . Not a fan of hp film in anything but they seem to have decent price points for their film . Pretty sure it’s all reboxed llu*** by the color of it
  2. Tint Conditions

    Xsun Window Films

    I must be lucky . They call me weekly and the 2 orders I have done with them came as fast as amazon prime would .
  3. Tint Conditions

    Xsun Window Films

    Is anyone using xsun Window Films and can give me some input . I started my own business in 2018 and have tried multiple Window Films and xsun has great customer service and delivery . Just seeing what other people’s opinions are on the film and what type they have possibly used or using