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  1. I’m currently the only ppf installer at the shop I work at and my boss is the one who took the job. He’s the one letting the customer decide the film. I’m not exactly happy about it, but he’s already booked the guy in for Thursday and told him we’d do whatever film he wanted. 😑 I was trained on Expel film so I wasn’t uncomfortable with the idea of using it. Just not really sure how 3m will be. I really have no say, just trying to make the best out of the situation ! Haha
  2. Long time lurker finally seeking help from all you wonderful installers! So I have a customer who wants to wrap an entire 2019 Tesla Model 3 in Matte Paint Protection Film. This will only be my second full car wrap in PPF and I’m just a little unsure on how to go about doing it. The last full car I did was an 2019 Mercedes AMG last month which wasn’t really a big deal since I had a kit for almost the entire car, plus I wasn’t worried about covering every single inch of paint considering I wasn’t trying to turn the gloss paint matte. So I’m just wondering if anyone’s done an entire gloss car in matte film before? I don’t particularly want to hand cut the entire car but I’m also concerned that using a kit might leave too much gloss uncovered? Also wondering if anyone has film suggestions for the job. I normally use Suntek and the customer originally requested Expel but now he’s more interested in the 3M matte film because he likes the look of it better (apparently). I’ve worked with both Xpel and 3M before, but I’m not quite as familiar with 3M. I haven’t gotten a chance to look at the car yet as it comes in on Thursday so maybe I’m stressing for nothing. But any and all advice is welcome!