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  1. Super new to tinting. Most jobs have those small little air bubbles. From what I read you shouldn’t roll the windows down for two days after the job? Tbh I’m so new to this that I’m not sure. Also I did my 12 journey as my first car using crappy local gila.. the bubbles went away within I’d say five days to a week. In colder weather. So untimately what should I look to do to ensure a good bonding process with my work ? I now use Solar Gard. My jobs look better but I do often catch those little bubbles and small creases coming through. I just want to avoid this all event if there are extra steps to take... want to offfer a good service.
  2. InstallationsByPrince

    Wiping squeegee after each stroke

    How much pressure do you use ? Do you use it on the last strokes to finalize everything and ultimately are you trying to push all the water out the sides or bottom or top or everywhere. I’m super new to this game and I really just want to understand the ins and outs in a personalized way. I just want to offer the best service.
  3. New to this tint world but I’m passionate about it and want to run a successful business. All your advice is greatly appreciated. 

  4. InstallationsByPrince

    I’m new to tinting (1 month only) HELP!

    Also, where can I buy online tint and have it shipped to Canada, I’m currently wholesaling from a distributor but I am paying premium and Being new im wasting a ton of material ....
  5. InstallationsByPrince

    I’m new to tinting (1 month only) HELP!

    Hey guys! I just found this page and I found it so damn useful! I respect each and everything I see and read here from veterans and newbies. Really shows the passion for this trade and I’d eventually want to run it as a business. I live in winnipeg Manitoba, it gets serverly cold in the winter months so I have some questions. Should I tint in winter? Currently renting a shop. How long should I take to tint a typical side window? Why are back windows so difficult and what process and can I try to follow to really perfect them each time? I’ve done 5 cars. Side windows went well as I learn to shrink and cut the pattern closer to the window gap size. What cars to avoid. What type and temp water should I use ? What squeegee are a must? Top edge cutting technique ? Exact solution mix for a 30/32 oz bottle. How long my tint will take to adhere fully (using Solar Gard) are there anyways to fix creases? If a tint job comes back can I try to repair it? If so how? And most of all.... what should I charge ? How ? I’m sorry if any of this sounds like a dumb ramble. I’m passionate about this business and I’ve already got a client base due to a history leading the car audio scene. Any help really is valued.