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  1. Hello I had new tint installed about a month ago on my corolla. Had the 3% film done. The tint has cured and well on the driver side I can feel small dirt, debris under the film. So I’m getting it looked at today with the same place that did it. Are small white freckle like bubbles normal after month of cure time ? I didn’t roll the windows down for a week. I live in so cal and it’s been 80+ degrees, I did park it in direct sunlight and esp at work. So I’m not sure why these small white like bubbles are on the film of am I just being too picky. Thanks in advance. ** if walking up to the car from the outside and looking at the windows you can see these small bubbles I have circled on the pics, every window has them, In different places, I don’t wanna be that one picky customer but I’ve had tint done before and never seen this** any tips advice is appreciated. 😎