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    Normal purple?

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    Normal purple?

    Ian seeking some input about a tinting job. 2018 Subaru Forester, came with tinted rear windows from factory. I had recently got the front windows done 2 weeks ago. Tinter said he used LLumar tints, I choose the lightest one he had to offer (not the clear). The tint used looks purple/pinkish and hazy under direct sunlight only. When it’s overcast or when there is no direct sunlight it looks ok. You also cannot notice it if viewed from the outside, only when sitting inside. Is this normal? Btw it’s hard to tell from the phone pics, I tried my best to show it and ISO lock the camera. It looks worse in person. Is this normal? is it fair to ask the installer to redo and use a different roll/ shade of tint ? or should I just go with a new installer? Any help would be appreciated.