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  1. Ross

    Building new peel board

    Also I borrowed the blueprints from someone on here and modified it for my window. I might as well keep updating this so hopefully it can help the next person. Here are the blueprints, thanks to who ever made these. I'll continue to update as I get time to work on this. Home Depot didn't have 6' 4x4 only 8'. I'll get more into detail and more pictures hopefully this weekend.
  2. Ross

    Building new peel board

    That's exactly what I wanted to know. I would prefer one pane but I'll work with what I got. Thank you
  3. So this weekend I found a window at our local RESTORE for 20$. Naturally I bought it and stripped the frame off. The window measure 49" x 61" and its heavy AF! It's a dual-pane tempered glass with gas in-between and there's is a pretty decent gap that I haven't measured yet. I'm wondering if it would be better two separate the two from each other and just use one. Then keep the other one for backup or make it doubled sided peel board. I honestly don't know much about these or how to separate them. What do you guys recommend?
  4. Really because the paint booth is literally the cleanest area that you can install film. Then the added bonus of the lights... But yeah I agree Body shop makes more money painting cars which I understand and I continue to be the painter but after hours when I'm installing film it would be nice to do it in the booth and have a location to do it in
  5. Little bit of background. I am an automotive collision technician and lead painter out of body shop and been painting cars for 12 to 13 years. I'm very good at it and it's got to the point where I'm bored of it and just turned into mindless work where I at barely have to focus and still provide quality work. This sucks and it's boring as s*** everyday. Currently I am tinting windows on the side but am hundred percent mobile and love everything about it! Best part is enjoying the final outcome and the way it is completely changes appearance of the car and how each car is different and requires different techniques. I know I haven't been doing this as long as all you guys have but I have picked it up quickly and all my customers are all satisfied and I get a lot of referrals mainly due to already possessing the most important skills that I've acquired over the years of painting, such as patient, being a perfectionist, and not allowing anything to leave that has any imperfections out of the norm. The only problem I'm running into using other people's garages is to do my work. So I'm trying to convince my boss to add Automotive window Tinting the shop. He says he doesn't want to lose a painter and I told him that it would be something that we can do after hours Monday through Friday 5 to 9 and weekends so I can paint during the day and then do what I love the most after 5pm. I'm having problems convincing him how much more money the shop can bring in and how it would benefit both of us but I don't know how to go about it. Do I offer him a percentage of every car or something like 50-50 partners? If anybody has done this before please help me get a better understanding of how I should approach this. Thanks
  6. So recently I've been looking for an alternative cover instead of paying the name brand ones that we find from our distributors. Somehow I stumbled upon this one was just poor people that own dogs. It's water-resistant and universal and just slides at between the panel and the window. Has anybody used for something like this I'm thinking about buying it and I know just placing a towel over the door is just fine but I kind of want it to be more professional-looking since I'm 100-percent mobile
  7. Ross

    EWF slip-tac solution?

    Update: Got my first bottle and did a Ford Fusion rear window and rear side glasses and was actually pretty impressed with the solution. It was a lot slipperier than I thought it would be and really enjoyed using it, cleaned up really well and film tac not as fast as j&j but that could have been because I had a little bit more than recommended. It also seems like i had a cleaner and install than I normally do with j&j. Overall I'm going to continue using this now instead of my j&j, I feel like it has solved the problem with premature tac.
  8. Makes me feel a lot better that I'm not the only one who feels this way! 🤯✊
  9. Ross

    EWF slip-tac solution?

    So I've been using Express Window Film for a little while now and love it I just noticed that they released a new split-tac solution. I ordered the 16oz bottle for 4.75$ and was curious if anyone else has tried their slip-tac solution? How did it compare the the other products like j&j (my current solution)?
  10. Hey wow thanks for all the help, this is a great community! But honestly I'm still not going touching a boat again just because of the time I put in and the waste. I needed up taking the windows out which helped dramatically. I'll take s picture if it next time I go out there. Looks good on the boat. I didn't charge him much at all, basically lost money on that one. I should have quoted a lot more! I'm pretty sure the owner tried cleaning one of the windows with ammonia based product. Last time I went out there I noticed part of the film looked like it boiled. Huh, he didn't say anything to me about it though.
  11. Is there anyone in Iowa that can sell me at 20% classic black roll film at least 30 plus inch width. if you don't want to sell the whole roll all I need is 12 feet please help me out
  12. Is there anyone in Iowa who has an extra row of they don't need at this moment of 20% classic black and at least 35 in and height. If you don't want to sell the whole roll I'll take just need 12 feet! Please get back to me if you do I'll pay obviously a little extra
  13. Thanks it with great but not I'm out of film!
  14. I keep getting the horse shoes
  15. B beThat's what I just did but maybe I need to work online shrinking and stretching process I keeping finger straight do you recommend starting from the right side from my picture and work your way to the left