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  1. Is there anyone in Iowa that can sell me at 20% classic black roll film at least 30 plus inch width. if you don't want to sell the whole roll all I need is 12 feet please help me out
  2. Is there anyone in Iowa who has an extra row of they don't need at this moment of 20% classic black and at least 35 in and height. If you don't want to sell the whole roll I'll take just need 12 feet! Please get back to me if you do I'll pay obviously a little extra
  3. Thanks it with great but not I'm out of film!
  4. I keep getting the horse shoes
  5. B beThat's what I just did but maybe I need to work online shrinking and stretching process I keeping finger straight do you recommend starting from the right side from my picture and work your way to the left
  6. Thanks for the quick reply I really appreciate that I will give it a shot I think I have a pretty good idea what you're saying. I have been trimming to size all at once and then shrink. I'll try the 1/4 inch all around. Should I shrink it like a back window then as well with the h pattern? Look up the stretching process since I haven't done much of that
  7. Hey guys I seriously need some help I told this guy that I can do his boat I wasn't expecting it to be this difficult. I'll send pictures here in a minute since I'm on my way to it right now but my problem is the front glass with a sharp curve. I've tried just laying my film and cutting it and just applying it without any shrinking but there is shrinking needed. I've gone through too much feet of film already I am looking for any advice that would help me. I cannot take the window out. The glass that im tinting is pretty large and then becomes very short with curves. I'll upload some pictures I've just never done a boat before and didn't realize that way more difficult than the car.