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  1. It's brand advertising at best. In areas where stretch is needed all films will have to stretch and thus will vary. Plus there are many variables in this test not answered.
  2. You're absolutely right on that! However, in Xpel's defense they do have great products plus nowadays ppf equals Xpel for most consumers out there. Their DAP is second to none compared to other brands. Yes, their people and personnel issues need some work maybe time will tell. I put this post up mainly because of Xpel's people issues and to explore other options that are similar or better and it seems that Suntek is the consensus out there with most installers. Heard from many that there rep and customer service act as one and they put their installers as their priority. Lastly, Jeff from Xpel here who posts for them I have to stand up for this guy - he was our rep at the time we signed up and got started. He is a First Class gentleman. Goes out of the way to help and make things right and ensure their installers are their customers and so were the trainers at Xpel like Alex. Can't vouch for the others there. Thanks everyone for the input it was great to hear you all.
  3. All that you mentioned been thru multiple times when we started off but I guess it is what it is. Watched videos to setup our plotter as no one could help. For our Xpel advanced training registration even CS was surprised I was calling them directly as she advised me that it has to be ‘approved’ by our regional rep but instead he sent us to call them directly like always. After a few back and forth got it taken care of. No issues there. Anyhow, great product and software! I guess like Jeff said they should be fine soon, hopefully. Guys like Josh, how is Suntek’s rep? And their customer service team?
  4. Hi Jeff, first all I would like to say Xpel has been been great so far and CS very helpful. I think you were our initial rep when we started and trained in SA. We signed up for the advanced course - will the DAP be covered a bit more in detail as we never had any official training on the software portion when we did the 4 day initial course?
  5. Thanks Josh! Have never tried Suntek but heard most say the same about their products. Currently, I'm only an Xpel installer and as mentioned above since we do part time and the cost of DAP every month is cutting into our bottom line. Looking to take it full time by hiring guys to help us out and taking in more cars and forming a proper company. Are you doing solo or do you have a company and if so any tips or advice for us to take take our install full time? Thanks,
  6. What's the consensus out there for what is the easiest to install? install in terms of stretch, fingering etc? Also, any other cutting software out there that's comparable to DAP? We do part time on weekends and have been doing it for over 1.5 years. Not much and still learning but wanted to get some additional help. Probably done 50 plus cars We've been trained with XPEL and using their films and DAP - they're great no issues except not a very helpful rep at this time. No names here but he is kind of call customer service for everything guy and never wants to help. Anyhow, looking around and want to know what all you installers are doing w/ pre-cuts, solutions and films? Anything out there that's comparable or better than Xpel in film and software? Any input will be appreciated.