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    Hi @Jake, Yes, our PPF is made here as well as our Luxo window film line. It's actually kind of cool because my office shares a wall with the factory, I'll be chatting with a client and hear all kinds of crazy sounds back there lol. We pride ourselves on being an American manufacturer because it keeps our quality standards high and allows us to cut out the middle-man and keep our prices low. Just trying to do things differently and make it as easy on our installers as possible. not sure if I'm allowed to provide an email on here but please feel free to find me on Facebook if you'd like more info on our film specs.
  2. Lauren @ FlexiShield


    Hi there, Just to clarify this, we are a manufacturer based in Chandler, Arizona.
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    Pssst hey guys, FlexiShield rep here... our software program is going to be launched very soon (by the end of this month! can't tell ya the date yet though!). Has anyone on here used our film or tried the free trial of RAP yet? (In case anyone is wondering we use a Creaform 3D scanner for our patterns so they are incredibly precise)
  4. @Noel have you ever heard of FlexiShield or tried our film yet? We are releasing our cutting software at the end of this month